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If you’ve found me here, you may also have tripped over my social media accounts. Not because you’re clumsy, but because I sometimes leave things in random spots.

Anyway. Social media is fun. This website? Also fun (sometimes).

What I’m not sharing on any of those places is what it looks like to try to get a book published. It’s fun, but also a wee bit awkward and nerve-racking. Which I guess is fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re curious, I’m putting together an inside look at my journey to publication, and I’d love to keep you updated via email.

Here’s what you can expect if you entrust me with your email address:

One email per 8-12 weeks that includes topics like: status of my current works-in-progress, updates on any conferences/activities/events, an ongoing tally of rejection letters, possible dog photos, bookish giveaways/promotions, writerly motivation and encouragement.

If that sounds good to you, yay! Please sign up. I promise not to sell your email address or spam you.

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