Book review: Sophie Murphy Does Not Exist, by T Blanchard

If you’re looking for your next clean middle grade read may I introduce you to this gem by T Blanchard and @chickenscratchbooks?

Here’s the blurb:
An important life is measured by one thing: Netopedia. When Sophie Murphy discovers that her father’s life wasn’t remarkable enough to warrant a listing, she makes a decision.

Her life would be remarkable.

But if you’re not an Olympian, a singer, or a football star, becoming important is hard. It’s even more difficult when you also have to heal your family and remind the world of your amazing Netopedia-less father. But a quest for fame may lead to another discovery: being admired by millions isn’t as precious as being loved by one.

There’s so much to enjoy about this story, but I’ll tell you my three favorite things:
1) Losing a parent can be an emotional minefield, and Blanchard handles the ups and downs beautifully without giving the reader whiplash.
2) Sophie’s Price-is-Right loving grandma.
3) It’s a clever examination of priorities without being preachy – are we living to leave our mark on the world, or are we living for something better?

Overall – loved Sophie’s character, the authenticity in her struggle, and the hopefulness of this sweet story!

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I'm a wife/mom/middle grade author

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