I did a thing.

To some, it may seem small.

But to me, it’s the end result of decades of patience, learning, trying, failing, work, rework, nearly giving up, not giving up. So it’s enormous.

I signed my first publishing contract last night, for my middle grade contemporary novel. It’s the second novel I’ve written but the first to have made it through the gauntlet (thus far) of querying.

Lots of people have helped me get to today. My husband didn’t flinch when I told him ten years ago that I wanted to freelance so I could stay home for our kid and write a book. Our kid, who began writing a book of his own when he was nine, because he thought mom was cool (and he loves Rick Riordan books). My friends have listened to my alternating sagas of woe, confusion, and happiness as this journey continues to unfold.

I know there’s a long way to go yet before this book is in my hands. I also know I have more stories in me. But today I’m so very grateful and happy.

Shiny new author 🙂

Published by Kelli McKinney

I'm a wife/mom/middle grade author

4 thoughts on “I did a thing.

  1. Amazing, I’m inspired.
    I’m one of the lucky ones who has been able to preview the manuscript and it’s just what so many kids have been waiting to read. I can’t wait to see it all come to fruition! Congratulations!

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